Levantine Arabic
I don't know how it escaped my attention, but a new website with a wealth of material, much of it accessible for free, has appeared. Lingualism's main focus seems to be Arabic (Egyptian and Levantine mostly), although they also have a Spanish and a Russian site.  They have a library of listening exercises for their various (paid) publications but they also have a selection of free readings (called diaries), with a story read aloud in Levantine or Egyptian accompanied by transcripts and translation.  These are actually really useful at the beginning levels to get used to the prosody of the language (and, since they have Lebanese and Syrian narrators, to hear the subtle differences between the two varieties), and at higher levels they're a great way to practice listening for…
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Spoken Arabic Simplified

General language learning, Levantine Arabic
A while back I stumbled upon this YouTube channel with short (1-3 min average) lessons on Levantine Arabic (Palestinian variety from what I can see).  Each video focuses on a part of speech like verbs or adverbs, and has concurrent word-for-word and idiomatic translation of the phrases spoken. This particular YouTuber seems to also speak several other languages and has a smattering of videos in those languages as well, but the bulk of their content seems to be focused on Levantine Arabic. Here's a sample, be sure to check out the channel for more: [embed][/embed]
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Readlang just got awesome-r

General language learning, Greek, Levantine Arabic
Readlang is a freemium web app (and Chrome extension, which I highly recommend) that allows you to translate words on the fly while you read content in your target language.  As such, it's not really meant for total beginners, but as soon as you have some basic vocabulary under your belt you can find web content that matches your level (and more importantly your interests) and get to work. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Read about this. But in Greek.[/caption]   The older version of Readlang would let you click on a word and it would replace it with a translation in your source language.  They've now included an option to instead underline the selected word and have the translation appear above, which is an incredible improvement; it preserves the flow…
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Portal for the Greek Language

The Portal for the Greek Language, run by the Centre for the Greek Language, is one of the most comprehensive and useful websites for learning Greek that I've found. The layout is not always intuitive, and the material is geared toward advanced/native speakers, but there are plenty of things here that a learner at the A2 level or above could take advantage of, and it's absolutely worth the time that it will take to poke around the site.
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