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Resources will be marked for level for which they’re appropriate according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)

FSI Greek Basic Course A1 to ~ C1 

(Be careful with this one…the language is generally good BUT, since the course was written in the 60s, it uses a compromise of dhmotikh [spoken language] and katharevousa [the artificial literary language which was official until 1976, when dhmotikh became the official language].  It also uses the polytonic system, instead of the current monotonic system which became official in 1982.  For more on this read this Wikipedia article on The Greek Language Question).

Language Transfer Greek A1 to B2

I’ve never used it because I already speak Greek, but what I’ve seen of it, and heard from others, it’s fantastic.  On top of that it’s free, so if it’s not your cup of τσάι, no loss!

Learning Greek podcasts from the Hellenic American Union A1 to C1

The go-to audio-visual resource.  80 lessons (all FREE) with accompanying PDF transcripts.  Be warned it’s ALL Greek, not a lick of English (or anything else) in it, so you’ll need a dictionary/textbook to go with it.

Neurolingo Lexiscope All levels

See a word in Greek but can’t work out its uninflected form?  This is the tool for you (only 10 free searches a day, though, last I checked)

Modern Greek Verbs All levels

Everything you ever wanted to know about Modern Greek verbs.  Seriously, everything.

Greek Grammar A1 to C1

Excellent overviews of the main grammatical points of the Greek parts of speech

Harry Foundalis’ Greek Language All levels

Harry’s a bit of a renaissance man, which is awesome.  His way of explaining verbal aspect in Modern Greek I found less awesome until I warmed to it, but that’s just me: I like the technical, linguistics jargon filled explanations coupled with charts of patterns and examples. Once I got past the presentation I could see what he was doing and it has a certain brilliance.  The rest of his grammar (and phonetics) stuff is top notch.

Cooljugator All levels

Conjugates most common Greek verbs.

Learn Greek Online A1 to C1

105 excellent FREE online audio lessons with grammar and vocabulary notes.  Comes highly recommended by several users.

 Duolingo A1 to B2

The wait is finally over, the renowned Duolingo has finally released their Greek course!

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