‘Cause the whole world, loves it when you’re going down… (AKA How could I forget?!?)

So, in my post on lexical similarities between Levantine Arabic and Greek I talked about the uber-dramatic (but not uncommonly used) “you broke the world” (χάλασε τον κόσμο in Greek, خربت الدنيا in Levantine).

What I forgot to mention was that the word دنيا (dinye in Levantine, dunya in Egyptian) is itself used in Greek.  Ντούνιας (dounias) means “world” in Greek as well, and is used in certain fixed expressions with a more poetic or metaphorical meaning.  For example, the phrase σ’αυτό το ντούνια (safto to dounia) literally just means in this world but, with the feeling and the weight of it added in, would translate to something more like “in this world of ours”.

And now, just because I teased you with the title…have some Outkast:


PS: I found a Greek Wikitionary entry dedicated solely to Arabic words in Greek so expect many more of these posts.


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