Review: Levantine Arabic Verbs by Lingualism

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I normally only review free resources on this site (since that's pretty much all I use) but I'm breaking with that pattern for this book. Levantine Arabic Verbs by Lingualism (see my review of their site here) is quite possibly the best resource I've seen for learning Levantine Arabic Verbs in a systematic, easily referenceable manner, free or paid.  The only site that rivals it in its treatment of individual verbs is the venerable Team Maha, but there's nothing the beat the variety and scope of this book.  This book is probably the closest thing I've seen to the classic (for a reason) Barron's 501 verbs books for Levantine Arabic. Levantine Arabic Verbs starts out with a treatment of the vowels and consonants of Levantine, and then gives 97 verbs…
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Levantine Arabic
I don't know how it escaped my attention, but a new website with a wealth of material, much of it accessible for free, has appeared. Lingualism's main focus seems to be Arabic (Egyptian and Levantine mostly), although they also have a Spanish and a Russian site.  They have a library of listening exercises for their various (paid) publications but they also have a selection of free readings (called diaries), with a story read aloud in Levantine or Egyptian accompanied by transcripts and translation.  These are actually really useful at the beginning levels to get used to the prosody of the language (and, since they have Lebanese and Syrian narrators, to hear the subtle differences between the two varieties), and at higher levels they're a great way to practice listening for…
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